Social Protest


 Investigative of protests from the public in Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Northampton MA, Lake District UK, Manchester, UK, York UK, Preston UK, Liverpool UK, Paris France, Bristol UK, Brighton UK, Newcastle UK, Krakow Poland, Milan Italy, Lake Como, Italy, Oxford UK, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sonoma County, Philadelphia USA, Storm King NY, USA, Jerusalem Israel, Tel Aviv Israel, Sussex, UK, Poole UK, Bradford UK, Prague, CZ, Amsterdam, NL and terminated in London UK.

DESCRIPTION: This self initiated travelling work aimed to create a dialogue between the pedestrian and the online concerned citizen. This work inspired by political movements like the Social Protest in Jerusalem in Summer 2011 and Occupy Wall Street and artists like Gillian Wearing. The aim was to engage the everyday person asking them on the street in front of an iconic site- if they protested for or against something what would it be? Each person is photographed, assigning a colour to their message, and the photo is titled by location, protest message and colour. Images were uploaded online and a dialogue continues there. Now collated into a 300 page book that is also a limited edition artwork. Buy it in the Julia Vogl online shop